Are you searching for an NAET practitioner for yourself or a loved one? NAET follows a specific treatment protocol developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad. NAET is a healing art, and as such has evolved over time as Dr. Nambudripad determined what worked well and what did not. The technique has been around for approximately 25 years. In order for the technique to work correctly the treatment protocol must be followed exactly as Dr. Nambudripad teaches. NAET may be administered with acupuncture, however acupressure works equally well without the discomfort of needles. Dr. Devi does not recommend the use of computerized testing equipment as she finds it unreliable. Unfortunately there are practitioners who try to re-invent the wheel, adding to and / or taking away aspects of the protocol, putting the patient at a disadvantage. There are a few well-meaning lay-people attempting to be consumer watch-dogs via websites or blogs. These individuals share their personal opinions, which vary with their individual experience. One should bear in mind that these individuals are not trained, licensed healthcare providers nor are they trained in NAET. While these people are well-intended, the information I’ve seen on these sites and blogs has ranged from incomplete, to inaccurate, to completely unreliable. This is unfortunate.

When searching for a practitioner you’ll want someone with having first-hand experience as a patient, who can empathize with you and your loved one. You’ll also want a licensed doctor with an advanced degree in medicine because they have the highest level of training in the diagnosis and treatment of the human body. A chiropractic doctor is trained in patient examination, anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis of illness, etc. because the United States government mandates such training for all doctors. This level of training is crucial for a doctor, as doctors are expected to have a high level of insight into the many conditions our patients may present with. Nurses’ training is not the same as that of a doctor because they are not expected to perform the same duties. The time spent in training will bear this out. Take an RN degree for example. The training is a two year program. It isn’t reasonable to expect an individual to learn in two years the amount of information it takes a doctor 8 or more years to assimilate. Another example to consider is that of Naturopaths, who sometimes use the title naturopathic doctor. Education for these practitioners varies widely. With a high school diploma an individual can take online courses to earn this designation, without benefit of any clinical training. They may or may not be required to complete undergraduate educational requirements. There are also more credible naturopathic educational processes available for those who recognize the importance of completing adequate training. Where the problem lies for the consumer is determining the true level of training the individual naturopath has undertaken.  At this time naturopaths may become licensed in 14 states.  For example, in the state of Indiana naturopaths are not licensed doctors. Until there are national licensing requirements there will be ambiguity. Chiropractors have completed a doctorate degree and are licensed.  Some chiropractors prefer to practice chiropractic medicine, while others specialize in specific forms of healthcare for which they have the underlying level of training afforded by the doctorate level education, the professional license, and the supplemental training needed for the specialization they’ve chosen as a career.

The best NAET practitioner will have the highest level of professional training, and will carefully and methodically adhere to the NAET treatment protocol. A doctor with first-hand experience as an allergy patient, who has been treated successfully with NAET will have the benefit of deeper insight into not only the patient’s condition, but the psychosocial aspects of the illness such as the fear and anxiety the patient and their loved-ones experience.


Dear Patients and Friends:


   As you may be aware, I’m involved in promoting our right to know what we’re eating by asking that genetically modified foods be labelled as such.  This is a very serious problem as food allergies are spreading like wildfire.  If you or someone you care about has food allergies, please understand that they can be life-threatening.  The European countries have taken a stand, and China has also.  As things stand right now Monsanto, will their inexhaustible funds, have successfully defeated our bill requiring labelling.  We need to appeal this decision, but meanwhile there a bill has been introduced that would prevent the courts from even hearing cases concerning this topic.


  We all live busy lives, but it will only take a minute or two of your time to place your name on the petition via the link below.  If you feel strongly, as I do, about this urgent issue, please take the time to contact your senator and your representative in Washington to ask them to protect this very important human right.

     Please don’t let this slip past you.  If you don’t have food allergies now, there’s a strong possibility you will in the future, especially if this isn’t dealt with.  These allergies are especially dangerous for children, and no one I know wants to wait for a trip to the emergency room with their child or family member, to see the seriousness of this issue.

  Thank you for taking the time to read this post… Please act now.


   Today is World Crohn’s and Colitis Day… many unfortunate souls know these diseases all too well.  For those of you who don’t, the main symptoms of Crohn’s disease are abdominal pain and cramping, although the exact cause is not known.  Researchers believe the cause to be a combination of environmental factors, genetics and inflammation of the digestive tract.   Colitis is inflammation of the large intestine…Hmmm; don’t these conditions sound a lot like the same thing?  Other individuals suffer from gluten allergy.  Gluten is the protein found in grains, especially wheat.  Gluten allergies cause bloating, cramping, inflammation and abdominal pain.  That’s Right!  Are we beginning to see the connection? 

   Thousands of Americans take millions of dollars worth of medications to manage these symptoms.  Many of these individuals live on a restricted diet, spending untold hours searching for substitutes for bread and pasta, choosing rice-based bread that crumbles as you hold a sandwich, or rice-based pasta that turns into mush as it cooks.  Some brave souls even spend hours (and plenty of cash) experimenting in the kitchen, trying alternative type recipes.  There are even magazines dedicated to this topic, such as Living Without Magazine.

   What most of these unfortunates are unaware of is the fact that this problem can be cured.  Restricted diets are no longer necessary.   Drugs are not necessary.  The stress and emotional burden is completely avoidable!  I know because I’ve been through all of this myself, and after many long years I found the solution.  The answer lies in a little-known alternative therapy.  This therapy has changed my life and it can change yours too.  No one should suffer needlessly.  If you, a loved one, or a friend suffers with the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, Colitis or gluten allergy please call to schedule a free consultation.  In honor of World Crohn’s and Colitis Day this offer is good through May 31, 2012.


SAY GOOD-BYE TO ALLERGIES! Well, if the weather is any sign, spring is officially upon us! Along with warm, sunny weather and the greening of the landscape, allergies have returned for many members of the community. If you count yourself among those unfortunate souls, you’ve likely stocked up on over-the-counter drugs or have seen your MD for one or more prescriptions. So I have a few questions for you…would you like to be free of those miserable allergies, never to spend another dollar of your hard-earned money on allergy medication? Would you like to never think about allergies again? What would you say if I told you this is completely possible? YES, that’s right! You can live free of outdoor allergies, pet allergies, mold and mildew allergies, and food allergies. Read my personal allergy story below to find the answer…From the time I was a small tot I had difficulty falling asleep. I now know this was due to my metabolism revving up in an attempt to get rid of things my body couldn’t handle. At one point my family was sitting around relaxing and eating mixed nuts. Naturally I was given some nuts as well. Within minutes my face began to swell…especially around my eyes and mouth. This was a severe type of allergic reaction called ANAPHYLAXIS…I was rushed to the nearest emergency room for life-saving care. (If you’re unaware of this condition, this is a severe allergic reaction in which systemic swelling occurs. If this happens to you or someone you know, they must receive medical care within six minutes to avoid suffocating to death).  Naturally, I was no longer permitted to eat nuts. Over the next few years I noticed that when I ate eggs or cereal, I became very tired. If I ate cheese, or picked and ate the concord grapes growing in our backyard my mouth felt prickly. When I ate ice cream I would vomit. My mother used to call me her strange little kid because I wouldn’t eat jelly sandwiches…the jelly made me tired.  As I got older I started grinding my teeth…when asked I explained that my gums “ itched” and the grinding “relieved the itching”. Next came the pollen allergies…and by the time I was a teenager the pollen allergies became truly miserable. The MD gave me anti-histamines that made me very sleepy but did nothing for my symptoms. I resigned myself to living with miserable symptoms. As time went by new allergy drugs were developed and I tried them all. One particular drug, Allegra, caused my heart to skip beats. This was frightening, so I reported it to my MD and asked her to document the information in case I died as a result. This happened when I was in Chiropractic College. Fortunately one brilliant instructor with a PhD in nutrition noticed my allergic symptoms and took me under her wing. She taught me about food allergies and their cause. She also taught me that most people with outdoor allergies had undiagnosed food allergies, and that when food allergies were treated most outdoor allergies would lessen or resolve. At that time an elimination diet was utilized to diagnose which foods caused my problems. Treatment consisted of permanently removing these foods from my diet. While not a pleasant way to live, this method was effective in relieving symptoms. The college instructor also taught me that rheumatoid arthritis was caused by food allergies. During my chiropractic internship one of my patients was an elderly woman with R.A. When I applied my knowledge and training to diagnose her illness, and taught her about avoiding allergy-provoking foods, her symptoms disappeared. So I, along with this patient and many others like us, lived on a restricted diet. Our good health returned. Then about eight years later I started to become sensitized to more and more foods until I was reactive to almost all foods. At this point I learned about an alternative medicine modality that completely eliminated allergies. I traveled across the country for costly classes. It turned out to be the best investment of my life. Eighteen months later nearly all of those miserable allergies had been addressed, I no longer required allergy medications, and my health had improved dramatically. I now enjoy the outdoors, have a cat, and eat freely without fear of allergic reaction. If you can relate to any of this, and would like to free yourself from allergies and allergy medication, contact me today for more information. You can get your life back, starting tomorrow!                                                                                    Elizabeth Bemis, D.C.                                       317-416-4588

Ok, the holidays are over, you’ve over-indulged and now you’re paying the price.  You want to lose those extra pounds, but do you have a plan?

Are you going on a diet?  Cutting portion size?  Starving yourself?(!)

Here are my thoughts: I don’t approve of diets because unless you stay with the plan the weight comes back.  Cutting portion size is helpful.  Starving your self is actually destructive.  Why do I say destructive?  When people lose weight in this way they lose lean muscle mass.  The body composition is altered, usually with the result that the ratio of body fat to lean tissue mass is altered in the wrong direction.  The percentage of lean tissue mass is decreased.  So if you do this periodically (many people do this, its called yo-yo dieting) your percentage of body fat increases with each cycle.  Having extra adipose tissue (fat) on your body is unhealthy because fat cells secrete inflammatory chemicals.  High levels of inflammation in the body are associated with increased risk of stroke and heart attack.  This type of weight loss also slows down your metabolism, because your body thinks its going to starve, so it conserves calories.  So you can’t eat as much as you used to without gaining weight!

The only way to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off involves exercise and a healthy diet.   Regular cardiovascular exercise increases your metabolism, allowing your body to burn more calories, and is also heart protective.  As far as a healthy diet goes, well, let’s be grown-up here…junk food and fast food doesn’t have any place in a healthy diet, period, end of story.  It’s high in fat, high in calories, full of unhealthy chemicals and lacks much by way of nutrition.  The good news is that with a little planning each week you can eat healthy without too much fuss.  For example, Pacific and Imagine brand soups are full of healthy vegetables.  For variety add a bit of left-over chicken, a few whole-wheat croutons, and some fresh parsley (buy a whole roasted chicken, eat the legs with some steamed veggies the first night and save the breasts to cut up and add to soup or salads).  In general, a healthy diet involves eating 5 servings of vegetables per day and 2 – 3 servings of fruit.  A serving is half a cup, so you can easily achieve this with a large salad for lunch and a hot vegetable at dinner, and two or three snacks of fruit throughout the day.  A half an apple or banana is about 1/2 cup.  Eat only whole grains, they’re more nutritious than processed grains and I like to use an analogy with grains: time released medications break down slowly over time to keep a steady supply in your body…whole grains do the same thing.  This is important because any calories our bodies can’t use within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption are stored as FAT :-(.  An average woman should have only one serving of grains per day…I’m 5’6″ and consider myself average size.  A serving of grain is a slice of bread or a half cup of cooked grain or pasta.  An average man can have 2 servings because men metabolize food differently from women.  An average man is about 5’9″ to 5’10”.  Lean protein should be eaten two to three times per day, in servings of 3-6 ounces depending on sex and size.

In my practice I utilize a  bio-impedence analysis computer to measure body composition.  This helps my patients understand where their body composition is and where it needs to be.  Check this out: if you are > 10% over the recommended maximum body fat for your age, height and sex you are considered obese.  Yeah, that’s discouraging, but the good news is this is something you can control.