How to Choose an NAET Practitioner

August 10, 2012

Are you searching for an NAET practitioner for yourself or a loved one? NAET follows a specific treatment protocol developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad. NAET is a healing art, and as such has evolved over time as Dr. Nambudripad determined what worked well and what did not. The technique has been around for approximately 25 years. In order for the technique to work correctly the treatment protocol must be followed exactly as Dr. Nambudripad teaches. NAET may be administered with acupuncture, however acupressure works equally well without the discomfort of needles. Dr. Devi does not recommend the use of computerized testing equipment as she finds it unreliable. Unfortunately there are practitioners who try to re-invent the wheel, adding to and / or taking away aspects of the protocol, putting the patient at a disadvantage. There are a few well-meaning lay-people attempting to be consumer watch-dogs via websites or blogs. These individuals share their personal opinions, which vary with their individual experience. One should bear in mind that these individuals are not trained, licensed healthcare providers nor are they trained in NAET. While these people are well-intended, the information I’ve seen on these sites and blogs has ranged from incomplete, to inaccurate, to completely unreliable. This is unfortunate.

When searching for a practitioner you’ll want someone with having first-hand experience as a patient, who can empathize with you and your loved one. You’ll also want a licensed doctor with an advanced degree in medicine because they have the highest level of training in the diagnosis and treatment of the human body. A chiropractic doctor is trained in patient examination, anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis of illness, etc. because the United States government mandates such training for all doctors. This level of training is crucial for a doctor, as doctors are expected to have a high level of insight into the many conditions our patients may present with. Nurses’ training is not the same as that of a doctor because they are not expected to perform the same duties. The time spent in training will bear this out. Take an RN degree for example. The training is a two year program. It isn’t reasonable to expect an individual to learn in two years the amount of information it takes a doctor 8 or more years to assimilate. Another example to consider is that of Naturopaths, who sometimes use the title naturopathic doctor. Education for these practitioners varies widely. With a high school diploma an individual can take online courses to earn this designation, without benefit of any clinical training. They may or may not be required to complete undergraduate educational requirements. There are also more credible naturopathic educational processes available for those who recognize the importance of completing adequate training. Where the problem lies for the consumer is determining the true level of training the individual naturopath has undertaken.  At this time naturopaths may become licensed in 14 states.  For example, in the state of Indiana naturopaths are not licensed doctors. Until there are national licensing requirements there will be ambiguity. Chiropractors have completed a doctorate degree and are licensed.  Some chiropractors prefer to practice chiropractic medicine, while others specialize in specific forms of healthcare for which they have the underlying level of training afforded by the doctorate level education, the professional license, and the supplemental training needed for the specialization they’ve chosen as a career.

The best NAET practitioner will have the highest level of professional training, and will carefully and methodically adhere to the NAET treatment protocol. A doctor with first-hand experience as an allergy patient, who has been treated successfully with NAET will have the benefit of deeper insight into not only the patient’s condition, but the psychosocial aspects of the illness such as the fear and anxiety the patient and their loved-ones experience.


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